Industrial Boiler Maintenance

As one of the major thermal sources, industrial boilers consume a considerable amount of energy in the industrial processes. The increasing competition among industries and with more and more attention being diverted towards energy efficient systems, industrial boiler maintenance has become one of the primary requirements in Industry. Razzaq Associates understands the gist of Boiler Maintenance which combined with our experienced workmanship makes our level of service exceptional.

Annual Maintenance Contracts

Annual Maintenance Contracts are the best way to improve the efficiency of the plant. The debate is between outsourcing or doing it in house and in most cases outsourcing maintenance is both technically better and cost effective at the same time. Razzaq Associates AMCs are designed in such a way that all preventive maintenance and predictive maintenance are carried out timely by our experienced workforce.

Steam Trap Testing

Steam Trap is a device that discharges condensates and non-condensable gasses with a negligible consumption or loss of live steam. Steam Traps are automatic valves that can open, close or modulate automatically. When steam traps leak or fail, it can be extremely costly in terms of product quality, safety and energy loss and that is why it is important to monitor and test these traps on a periodic basis to mitigate the chances of any major accident. Razzaq Associates is experienced in providing these services through a Steam Trap Testing Gun following the best global practices during this activity.