Deaerator Tanks

This is one of the most important parts of the Boiler House. A deaerator tank usually acts as a Feedwater Tank to store cold and hot fluid in order to remove dissolved air or non-condensable gasses from the fluid. These tanks are used to remove primarily oxygen and carbon dioxide from the condensate/ make up water stream which is feeding into the boiler as high levels of these gasses can cause corrosion and also premature failures in the boiler tubes and other components.

Razzaq Associates manufactures deaerator tanks that have the best control for easy operations and adequately removes the dissolved gasses to enhance the life of the boiler and other components.


Economizer is an accessory in the boiler house that is designed and utilized to reduce and optimize energy consumption. Razzaq Associates provides the best economizers at a price that has a great payback, and improves the overall efficiency of the boiler.

Blowdown Vessels

One of the major causes of accidents is the rupture or failure of pressurized vessels especially when there is an escape of flammable gaseous mixture that may result in potential fire or explosion. Therefore, Razzaq Associates pays special attention while designing and manufacturing blowdown vessels to mitigate the chance of such incidents. We take care of critical parameters such as selection of construction material, sizing of relief valves, temperature, and pressure etc.

Condensate Recovery Systems

Condensate is the liquid formed when steam passes from the vapor to the liquid state. In the heating process, condensate is the result of steam transferring a portion of its heat energy to the equipment being heated. Condensate Recovery is the process of reusing the water and the sensible heat contained in the discharged condensate. Razzaq Associates condensate recovery system is especially designed to ensure the maximum recovery of condensate to improve the efficiency of the plant and to reuse a valuable resource that is usually drained away.