Waste Heat Recovery Boilers

Our designed waste heat recovery boiler achieves optimum performance with provided heat settings and required result specifications.

Waste Heat Boilers can operate in a range of applications, recovering heat that is produced mainly by Engines and Turbines as an exhaust.

Razzaq Associates waste heat recovery Boilers are designed to suit each unique installation, the design team being the leading authority in this field. The WHR Boilers are available with different steam outputs according to exhaust flow and temperature.

Razzaq Associates also design and manufacture composite Boilers. These have a gas or oil-fired burner as the primary energy source, supplemented by Waste heat when available. Alternatively, waste heat may be the primary source topped up by a burner when required.

Razzaq Associates Waste Heat Recovery Boilers are preferred by engineers across many industries including textiles, Food, and Beverages, chemical process, Wood, and Paper.

All WHR Boilers manufactured on ASME1 standard and Certified by SGS or Bureau Veritas.

Our WHR Boilers are sold fully Packaged with Motorized Diverter valve, Isolation valve, ducting,
European mountings, Built-in Economizer for greater efficiency, Grundfos Pumps, mimic based panel with the top of the line instruments. A ladder and platform are included as standard on all Waste Heat Recovery Boilers.