Package Type Steam Boilers, Wet Back,
Three pass, fire tube design.

Razzaq Associates’ selection of Industrial Boiler systems includes Steam Boilers and Waste Heat Boilers. Balancing the best design with technological innovation, the ranges comprise of products that are unrivaled in build quality, durability, and precision control capability.

Razzaq Associates has built a reputation as a producer of performance Boilers, combining high-quality manufacturing processes with precision for exploring new ideas and technologies.

As a result, not only our high-efficiency boilers are more cost-effective and safer than any others, it also makes us a preferred choice of an increasing number of customers.

Razzaq Associates always refuse to compromise quality for the price and continue to retain all manufacturing processes, from plate rolling to final fitting, under strict quality control, in our fully equipped workshop.


  • Model : Thermpac
  • Boiler Type : Three Pass, wet back, fire Tube.
  • Output : 1000 Kg/hr up to 16000 Kg/hr.
  • Working Pressure : 10, 12, 14, 16 & 18 Barg.
  • Typical Efficiency : Up to 92% (based on net calorific value)
  • Fuel Type : Solid , Liquid and Gas
  • Manufacturing Codes : ASME 1, BS2790 Certified by SGS or Bureau Veritas
  • All Thermpac Boilers are sold fully Packaged with European mountings, Grundfoss

Pumps and a choice of Burners from leading manufacturers , fully fitted and wired. A Ladder and Gantry system is included as standard on all Boilers.