Industrial Waste Heat is a valuable source of energy that is usually not utilized and is wasted and dumped into the environment. With the growing concern on fuel prices and the scarcity of energy resources around the globe combined with the increased regulations on global warming, engineering industries have certain KPIs of reducing the greenhouse gas emissions and improving the efficiency of their sites through various heat recovery technologies.

Razzaq Associates is the leading name in the industry as our Waste Heat Recovery Boilers aim to achieve maximum performance at the given waste heat available at SITE. Razzaq Associates offers customized solutions with the design and operations team working in close liaison to provide the best product to the customer that is not only energy efficient but is robust with minimal maintenance thus ensuring maximum uptime of the boiler.

We have boilers installed in almost all sectors including Textile, Food & Beverages, Chemical Processes, Packaging etc. The boilers are manufactured according to the ASME1 standard and certified by SGS or Bureau Veritas. The boilers come equipped with Motorized Diverter valve, Isolation Valve, Ducting, European mountings, Economizer to improve the efficiency of the boiler, Feedwater Pumps, mimic based panel with top of the line instruments, platform and a ladder.